Dear Customers,
You must be aware of recent news circulating across various media sources pertaining to malicious application targeting various banking and payment apps. This malicious application is masquerading as a flash player, being offered via third party app stores or through unwarranted messages, by clicking on ads and popup on websites.
The malicious apps keep working in the background and sends fake notifications resembling those sent by the banking apps. When users open these notifications, they are directed to fake login screens that are then used by the attackers to steal and exact confidential data
Stay safe from this Malware
    Do not download and install applications from untrusted sources [offered via unknown websites/ links on unscrupulous messages]. Install apps downloaded from      reputed application market only.
    Verify app permissions and grant only those permissions which have relevant context for the app's purpose.
    Do ot check "Untrusted Sources" checkbox to install side loaded apps.
    Exercise caution while visiting trusted/untrusted sites for clicking links.
    Install and maintain updated antivirus solution on android devices. Scan the suspected device with antivirus solutions to detect and clean infections.
    Install Android updates and patches as and when available from Android device vendors.
    Enable 2-factor authentication for your Google/other accounts.
    Users are advised to use device encryption or encrypting external SD card feature available with most of the android OS.
    Avoid using unsecured, unknown Wi-Fi networks. There may be rogue Wi-Fi access points at public places used for distributing malicious applications.
    If your mobile SIM suddenly gets deactivated without any known reason, then report it your mobile operator immediately to rule out SIM cloning.
    Do not save your confidential information such as your Debit/credit card numbers/CVV numbers or PIN’s on your mobile phone.
    Be aware of shoulder surfers; be extra careful while typing confidential information such as your account details and passwords on your mobile in public places.
    Do not enable auto-fill or save user id or passwords for browser based mobile banking access.
    Do not use “Jailbroken” or “rooted” mobile devices to access mobile banking or other financial apps. Jailbreaking or rooting a device (the process of breaking into     the phone’s built in operating system to control it outside the vendors original intention) exposes the device to additional malwares and gains administrative or       privileged access of IOS
    Password-protect your mobile device to protect against unauthorised access.
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