ATM Fraud Alert
Never share your Personal Identification Number (PIN) with anyone. Do not keep a written copy of your PIN with your card. Always Memorise the PIN.
Avoid using ATMs which are not well illuminated.
Beware of anything that looks unusual at the card reader slot. Watch out for additional devices, overlays on the ATM keypad or cameras overlooking the keypad. If you suspect any tampering report it to the bank immediately.
Beware of shoulder surfers or strangers offering help. Use the Bank helpline for any queries.
Wait for the ATM screen to tell you to key in your PIN.
Avoid detection of your PIN or other account information by standing close to the ATM. Always place your free hand over the key pad, while entering the PIN. Change your PIN immediately, if you suspect it has been compromised.  Also remember to change the PIN periodically.
Ensure that you collect your card before leaving the ATM. In case of a failed transaction, 'Cancel' the transaction and before leaving the ATM, ensure that ‘Welcome’ Screen is displayed in ATM.
Do not leave your transaction receipt at the ATM. Tear it off before discarding.
Verify the SMS and Email alerts sent to you for the transaction correctness. Immediately report any unauthorized transactions in your account.
Verify the transaction history periodically. Keep your receipts and check your statements regularly. Immediately report any unauthorized transactions in your account.

Do not disclose details like Card No., PIN, CVV, Expiry Date, Date of Birth, etc. to anybody, even though the caller may identify himself/herself as calling from Bank, RBI, etc.

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