1. Fee Based Service Charges

 I. Locker Rent Charges 

 New Type of Locker
Revised Yearly Rent (wef 1st January 2023)
Metro & Urban Branches   (Amount in Rs.)
      Semi & Rural Branches           (Amount in Rs.)
A Type 17001200
B Type
C Type25002000
D Type33002500
E Type38003300
F Type53005100
G Type70006500
H Type1100010500

*All the above charges are excluding GST
Locker access more than 2 times in a month will be chargeable @Rs.100+GST per access

 2. Card Charges

I. Debit Card Charges

Card Variant Issuance ChargeAMC
Account Variant
Normal Debit CardBusiness Debit CardNormal Debit CardBusiness Debit Card
RuPay Classic International DI
Debit Card 
Rs. 250Rs. 500Rs. 250
Rs. 300
RuPay Platinum International DI
Debit Card
Rs. 400Rs. 500
Rs. 450Rs.  500
RuPay Classic Domestic DI Debit CardRs. 150Rs. 500Rs. 100Rs. 300
VISA International DI Debit Card
Rs. 150Rs. 500Rs. 100Rs. 300

II . Credit Card Charges

Credit CardsPlatinumGold
Entrance FeesRs.999 WaivedRs.499 Waived
Annual FeesRs.3999 WaivedRs.1999 Waived
Add on CardRs.999 WaivedRs.499 Waived
Cash withdrawal feesRs.400 Per TransactionRs.400 Per Transaction
Hot listing chargesRs.300Rs.300

2. Other Charges 
Service Charges - Railway BookingPOS: Rs.30+2.5% Online: 1.8%POS: Rs.30+2.5% Online: 1.8%
Service Charges - Fuel TransactionRs.10 or 2.5%Rs.10 or 2.5%
Late Payment Fee - PBC*30% of MAD, Min: Rs.400 Max: Rs.60030% of MAD, Min: Rs.400 Max: Rs.600
Late Payment Fee - PBT*10% of MAD, Min: Rs.100 Max: Rs.20010% of MAD, Min: Rs.100 Max: Rs.200
Over Limit Fee2.5% of the amount exceeding limit; Min: Rs.3002.5% of the amount exceeding limit; Min: Rs.300
Renewal FeeNILNIL
Application Processing FeeRs.500 WaivedRs.250 Waived
Reward Redemption FeeRs.75Rs.75
Interest Free Credit Period - PBT*
*Applicable only on all retail purchases
45 Days45 Days
Total Credit Period per Transaction - PBT75 Days75 Days
Interest Free Credit Period - PBC*
*Applicable only on all retail purchases and if previous months balance outstanding is paid in full by due date.
20 - 50 Days18 - 48 Days
Finance Charges - Introductory : 3 Months from issue date, applicable only on Retail Purchases. (PBC & PBT) 24%36%
Finance Charges - Cash Advances (PBC & PBT)36%36%
Finance Charges - Regular (PBC & PBT)36%42%
Finance Charges - Default (PBC & PBT)
* From the date of default.
Cheque Return / StandingInstruction Dishonour ChargesRs.400Rs.400
Reissue of PIN MailerRs.100Rs.100
Sales Slip Retrieval ChargesRs.300Rs.300
Duplicate Statement Generation (PBC & PBT)Rs.100Rs.100
BT* Processing Fee1% of BT Amount Min: Rs.2001% of BT Amount Min: Rs.200
EMI Processing FeeAs per the rate applicable at the time of EMI registration.As per the rate applicable at the time of EMI registration.
Outstation Cheque CollectionRs.100Rs.100
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee3.5%3.5%
Billing Change RequestRs.250Rs.250
emPower Tool Annual FeeNILNIL
Pay By Transaction Billing Annual FeeNILNIL
Plan Your Rewards Annual FeeNILNIL
Cash Limit as % of Total limit15%10%
Minimum Amount Due (MAD) PBC5% of TAD* Min: Rs.2005% of TAD* Min: Rs.200

3. IMPS Money Transfer ChargesInward TransactionOutward Transaction
Amount from Rs.1 and upto Rs.1 LakhFreeRs.5 + GST
Amounts above Rs.1 Lakh and upto Rs.2 LakhFreeRs.15 + GST
4. NEFT Money Transfer- From BranchInward=Free

Outward=Charges from branch
Up to 10,000/- Rs.2.50 + GST per transaction;
from 10,001/- to 1 Lakh - Rs. 5.00 + GST per transaction ;
above 1 Lakh up to 2 Lakhs - Rs. 15.00 + GST per transaction and
above 2 Lakhs - Rs. 25.00 + GST per transaction.

5. NEFT/RTGS Money Transfer - Internet Banking/Mobile BankingFree
6. RTGS Money TransferInward=FreeOutward=Charges from branch
above 2 lakhs - 5 lakhs - Rs.25 + GST per transaction;
above 5 lakh - Rs.50 + GST per transaction