Credit Card

Platinum Credit Card

Platinum Credit Card

The Dhanlaxmi Bank Platinum Credit Card opens up a world of privileges designed especially for you! With this card, you have a variety of offers to choose from to make your shopping experience pleasurable. Not only this, it also offers you pragmatic solutions to take care of your billing and financial planning needs. Powered with Dhanlaxmi Bank Platinum Credit Card*, you can now indulge yourself in fine dining and experiential travel, to name a few.

One Time Password (OTP) for IVR / Mobile Transaction

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Benefits & Features

  • Platinum privileges across luxury goods, dining, golf & travel.
  • Online concierge facility
  • 5% cashback on Supermarkets and Departmental Store purchases (Subject to maximum of Rs.50 per month per Card)
  • Global customer assistance for emergencies
  • Low Interest Charges
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge access facility


Gross Income per Annum.

  • For Salaried & Self-Employed: Minimum annual gross income of Rs 6 lacs.

How to do Card Repayment 

  • Our DhanSmart - Mobile Banking/Internet Banking
  • Standing Instruction from your account
  • Cash/Cheque Deposit
  • Visa Money Transfer through e-Wallets.

  • Never reveal or give a photocopy of the reverse side of your Credit Card number/ATM PIN/expiry date/ CVV and personal details based on any email or call soliciting such information.
  • In case you wish to surrender your Card, ensure it is cut into four pieces - do not leave the magnetic strip intact.
  • Beware of promotional and lottery schemes that require all details of your Card or account number- always check the authenticity of such schemes. As a policy the Bank does not solicit customer information such as the ones listed below through email or embedded hyperlinks :
    1. Card numbers / account numbers / customer ID numbers
    2. Credit Card PIN / ATM PIN
    3. Netbanking or Phonebanking passwords
  • Beware of advertisements and strictly refrain from people who promise to lend you cash against the Credit Card.
  • Avoid using your Credit Card on websites from cyber cafés and public computers . Confidential information can be compromised and misused after you leave.Always access secured sites with the address 'https' in the browser and look out for the security padlock icon below.
  • Update your browser ,operating system and anti virus software on a regular basis. Use a personal firewall and update it regularly to help protect your computer, its contents and your personal details from being compromised.
  • Do not handover your Card and PIN to anyone, not even a bank staff.
  • Never leave your Credit Card unattended.
  • Do not share your Card with anyone else.
  • Always keep your Credit Card in the same place in your wallet - you will notice it immediately in case it is missing. Carry only the cards that you absolutely need.
  • Never keep your Credit Card and your ATM PIN together.
  • Do not expose your Card to direct sunlight, esp cially the magnetic strip.
  • Ensure transactions on your card are done in your presence and remember to collect your card after every ATM transaction or purchase.
  • Make sure your card is returned to you promptly and check that it is your card.
  • Any stationery that has your card number or PIN written on it should be shredded. Memorise your passwords and PINs.
  • Use different passwords and PINS for the ATM, Internet, credit cards and phone banking. Alter your PINs and passwords on a frequent basis.
  • Do not disclose any sensitive information such as your credit limit, date of birth or transactions etc to anyone.
  • Keep card numbers and a card statement available for easy reference along with the call centre numbers. It will help you immediately report a loss of card.
  • Subscribe for SMS alerts for transactions on your card.
  • Credit Card Policy