Current Account

Current Account

Our Bank offers a Current Account to meet every kind of requirement from every kind of organisation – be it a large corporate, a small entrepreneur, a charitable trust, a housing society, a hospital or a professional.
With Dhanlaxmi Bank Current Accounts, you can efficiently manage cash, simplify your payments and collections, and benefit from a wide range of free banking services such as fund transfers, local clearing, dynamic limits, cash deposits and withdrawals, etc.

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#Average Monthly Balance (AMB)e Monthly Balance (AMB) is the average daily balance maintained by the customer for a period of 30/31 days. It is the Summation of Daily Closing balance for a period of a month - 30/31 days, as applicable divided by the number of days

With effect from April 1, 2012 onwards, Cheques/Drafts/Banker’s cheques issued with date of April 01, 2012 and later shall be valid for 3 months only . This is as per RBI Guidelines dated November 4, 2011.

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