Export Services

Export Services

Take advantage of our wide range of Export Services provided across our branches and enjoy a hassle-free way of conducting your international business.

Export Services

Packing Credit

We offer you pre-shipment finance in the form of Packing Credit to undertake the manufacture or packing of goods and execute export orders.

  • Provision of packing credit in rupees and foreign currencies
  • Assessment of export finance requirements on the basis of trading cycle
  • Competitive interest rates

Export Bill Negotiation

  • Negotiate Export Bills drawn under Letters of Credit (LC) for documents drawn under LC terms.

Export Bill Purchase & Discounting

  • Discount/purchase bills not covered under Letters of Credit against the sanctioned credit limits.

Export Bill Collection Services

  • Documentary bill collection services and credit the proceeds to your account via our overseas correspondent banks.

Bank Guarantees

  • Bank Guarantees in foreign currency on behalf of our exporters for approved purposes as defined under FEMA, subject to availability of credit limits.

Export LC Advising

  • Our extensive correspondent banking relationships with leading banks across the world enable us to successfully provide you with prompt and secured LC advising. Additionally, most of our B category branches are equipped with SWIFT