FEATURES Smart Salary Savings Account
1. Balance required to maintain (AMB) Nil
2. Account maintainence charges Nil
3. Penal Charges (AMB Non maintenance) Nil
4. Account closure charges Nil
5. NEFT-From Branch

5 NEFT Free from Branch per month, beyond that
upto Rs.10k - Rs.2.95 ,
Rs.10k to Rs.1 lakh - Rs.5.90
Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakh - Rs.17.70
and above Rs.2 lakh - Rs.29.50 per transaction

6. NEFT-Internet Banking Charges applicable
7. RTGS-From Branch 5 NEFT free from branch per month, beyond that
upto Rs. 2 lakhs free,
above Rs. 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs - Rs. 29.50 per transaction,
Rs.5 lakhs and above Rs. 59 per transaction
8. RTGS-Internet Banking Charges applicable
9. PAP cheque book 1 cheque book (20 leaves) free per quarter, Rs.3.50 per leaf thereafter
10. Cash Deposit at Non Base Branch FREE deposit upto Rs. 50,000 per day
Third Party withdrawal allowed upto Rs.50,000/transaction only. For cases where cash withdrawal is allowed above threshold (at branch discretion), charges @Rs.1 per 1000, minimum Rs.50 per transactionwill be levied.Customer has to inform the branch 1day in advance if amount is more than 2lakh
11. Cash Withdrawal at Non Base Branch FREE withdrawal upto Rs. 50,000 per day
Third Party withdrawal allowed upto Rs.50,000 per transaction only. For cases where cash withdrawal is allowed above threshold (at branch discretion), charges @Rs.1 per 1000, Minimum Rs.50 per transaction will be levied.Customer has to inform the branch 1day in advance if amount is more than 2lakh
12. Cash deposit at home branch Free
13. Anywhere banking funds transfer Free
14. Charges for DD & PO at bank locations

Free 2 DDs & 2 POs per month,
beyond that Upto Rs.10,000 - Rs.40,
above Rs.10,000 & upto Rs.50,000 - Rs. 125,
above 50,000 & upto Rs.1 lakh - Rs.250,
above Rs.1 lakh to less than Rs.10 lakh Rs.2.50 per 1000
(min.Rs.250 and max.Rs.7500)

15. Charges of correspondence banks DD

2 DDs free per month
beyond that upto Rs.10,000 - Rs.30,
above Rs.10,000 & upto Rs.1 lakh - Rs.2.50/1000,
above Rs.1 lakh to less than Rs.10 lakh Rs.2.00/1000,
(min.Rs.250 and max.Rs.7500)

16. DDs & POs can be made for amount less than Rs.10 lakh (amount of free DD should be les than Rs.10 lakh per DD)
17. Cancellation Rs.100 per instrument
18. Cancellation & issuance of duplicate Instrument Rs.200 per instrument
19. Cheque issued & returned (financial reasons) Rs.300 per cheque
  No charges for cheque returned for technical reasons
20. Cheque deposited & return Rs.100 for local cheque & Rs.150 for outstation cheque
21. ECS returns Rs.400
22. Outstation cheque collection charges

Free collection of 2 outstation cheque per month
beyond that upto Rs.50,000 - Rs.25per instrument,
above Rs.50,000 & upto Rs.1 lakh - Rs.100 per instrument;

above Rs.1 lakh- Rs.150 per instrument

23. Type of Debit Card Classic Debit Card
24. Debit card issuance (registration) charges and Annual fees Debit Card Issuance (Registration) charges Rs.150/- and Annual charges of Rs.100/- with an exemption to customers who are maintaining average monthly balance of Rs.10,000/-
25. Limit of debit card Rs.20,000 per day
26. Limit for POS Rs.30,000 per day
27. Hot listing charges & reissue charges No charges for hot listing. Rs.100 levied for reissue
28. ATM interchange (National / International) Free
29. ATM pin generation charges Free
30. Charges for per add on card Rs.100 per add-on card
31. Mobile Banking Free
32. SMS Alerts Domestic -60 Paisa Per SMS and maximum is Rs.400 Per quarter
33. Internet Banking Free
34. Phone Banking Free
35. Reissue of internet user ID & password Free
  1. Issuance Charges are exempted for Renewal cards (Card issued following expiry)
36. E-mail monthly Free
37. Monthly / Quarterly Free Quarterly after thatRs.10/- per satatement
38. Stop payment Rs 60 per cheque leaf, Rs 100 for series
39. Enquires related to old record Rs.75 per request
40. Processing Charges for ECS Mandate Rs 100/-
41. Photo attestation Rs.100 per instance
42. Signature attestation
43. Address attestation
44. No dues certificate
45. Balance confirmation charges
46. Telephone / Fax charges On actuals, minimum Rs.25
47. Standing Instruction set up / Amendment Rs.50 / SI / Amendment
48. Duplicate passbook / Statament charges Rs.50 per instance
Door Step Banking
49. Cash pickup / Delivery
Rs.25,000 - Rs.1,00,000   Rs.500  per pickup/delivery; Rs.1,00,000 - Rs.3,00,000 Rs. 750 per pickup/delivery; Rs.3,00,000 - Rs.5,00,000 Rs. 1000 per pickup/delivery; Rs.5,00,000 - Rs.10,00,000 Rs. 1500 per pickup/delivery
50. Cheque pickup / Delivery Rs. 100 per pick up or delivery
Door step banking facility is available only at salect branches - please contact your branch to opt for this facility. For enjoying doorstep banking, customer needs to sign the agreement. no free door-step banking limit will be given to the customer not maintaining the average monthly balance, they will be charged for all such transactions for that month; post-facto.
51. Special features -
Common Guidelines
1. Average monthly balance (AMB) is the average daily balance maintained by the customer for a period of 30/31 days. It is the summation of daily closing balance for a period of a month - 30/31 days, as applicable divided by the number of days.
2. In respect of individuals in rural areas, pensioners and senior citizens, branches should charge 5% lower than the amount mentioned (round off to the nearest ruppee).
3. An initial payment for opening a new account should be made for at least them minimum average monthly balance of the account.
4. Monthly / Annual cycle charges as applicable on the account type can be recovered anytime during the month.
5. In case of insufficient funds in the account for recovery of service charges, Dhanlaxmi Bank reserves the right to force debit or make repeated attempt (s) to recover charges as applicable to the account type.
6. The charges mentioned in the schedules are exclusive of taxes i.e.service tax, education cess etc as applicable (except for NEFT,RTGS & OCC, where charges are inclusive of taxes).
7. For the purpose of Cash Deposit Charges, we will be considering all Branches in the Branch Location/City as the Base Branch. For the list of branches in your location please refer our website (www.dhanbank.com) or visit your nearest Branch.