Kissan Vahana

Kissan Vahana

Kissan Vahana

Kissan Vahana is a specially structured two-wheeler loan for farmers with significant benefits for their agricultural operations. Individual mobility funded through this affordable means helps increase efficiency, reduce wastage of perishable produce by reducing time to market and enhance profit.



  • Loan amount between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 40,000


  • Applicant should be owner cultivator of a minimum of one acre of land, or should have a dairy unit with a minimum of 10 cows/buffaloes, or
  • The net income from agriculture and other sources of the family should be above Rs. 50,000 provided the spouse or another member of the family is a permanent employee of a reputed company or firm, or is in the government service or works with an educational institution and should be a co-obligant to the loan


  • Hypothecation of vehicle
  • Co-obligation of a person with annual means not less than the loan amount
  • In case of family member, the spouse/family member who is employed should be co-obligant to the loan
  • Latest land tax paid receipt to be submitted

Documents Required

  • Demand Promissory Note (DPN)
  • DPN delivery letter.
  • Term Loan agreement (with hypothecation clause ).
  • Hypothecation Agreement for Agriculture Advances
  • Guarantee Agreement for Agriculture Advances