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Kissan Vahana

Kissan Vahana is a specially structured two-wheeler loan for farmers with significant benefits for their agricultural operations. Individual mobility funded through this affordable means helps increase efficiency, reduce wastage of perishable produce by reducing time to market and enhance profit.
  • Loan amount between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 40,000


  • Applicant should be owner cultivator of a minimum of one acre of land, or should have a dairy unit with a minimum of 10 cows/buffaloes, or
  • The net income from agriculture and other sources of the family should be above Rs. 50,000 provided the spouse or another member of the family is a permanent employee of a reputed company or firm, or is in the government service or works with an educational institution and should be a co-obligant to the loan
  • Hypothecation of vehicle
  • Co-obligation of a person with annual means not less than the loan amount
  • In case of family member, the spouse/family member who is employed should be co-obligant to the loan
  • Latest land tax paid receipt to be submitted
  • Demand Promissory Note (DPN)
  • DPN delivery letter.
  • Term Loan agreement (with hypothecation clause ).
  • Hypothecation Agreement for Agriculture Advances
  • Guarantee Agreement for Agriculture Advances

Kissan Card

The Dhanam Kissan Card directly addresses a farmer’s short-term and contingent credit needs. It facilitates adequate and timely credit for a farmer’s comprehensive credit requirements under a single window adopting a whole farm approach.
  • For crop loans with a validity period of 3 years, subject to annual review. When term loan facilities are sanctioned, the validity of the card may be extended from 3 years to 5 years.
  • Short term/crop loans and working capital for agriculture and similar loans will be provided as revolving cash credit limit, repayable in 12 months.
  • Term loans repayable within a maximum period of 5 years, depending on the type of activity/investment.
  • No withdrawal in the account should remain outstanding for more than 12 months for crop loans, except in cases where loans are given for sugarcane, banana and other annual yielding crops. In such cases, debits to be wiped out at the time of marketing of produce or within 18 months, whichever is earlier. As far as possible, borrowers are advised to remit the amount whenever there are surpluses and keep the account operative. It is also advisable to remit the sale proceeds of the crops directly to the Card Account

The credit facility extended under the scheme will be in the nature of a term loan and revolving cash credit for agriculture and allied activities. The criteria for selecting persons for issuing a Dhanam Kissan Cards are as follows:

  • Loan for any activity coming under purview of production credit of agriculture, working capital requirements of allied activities may be considered under the scheme ensuring repayment capacity of farmers
  • Dhanam Kissan Card is not issued to parties dealing in Selective Credit Control commodities, minors, and POA holders
  • The applicant should not be a defaulter with any financial institution, and should come within the Service Area Norms, subject to relaxations therein
  • All applications duly filled in
  • Two copies of passport size photographs
  • Copies of land records like Record of Rights, patta have to be obtained wherever mortgage is involved
  • Schedule of crops to be grown for 1 year
  • For limits up to Rs.25,000: Hypothecation of crops and/or movable assets
  • For limits above Rs.25,000: Hypothecation of crops and/or movable assets and mortgage of landed property

Agri Gold Loan

The Agri Gold Loan is extended to individuals against security of gold ornaments owned by them for the purpose of agricultural activities. It is ideal for farmers seeking financial assistance to meet agricultural and developmental expenses.
  • Eligible loan amount may be assessed based on area under cultivation, crops raised, scale of finance etc.
  • Rate of advance may be fixed up to 75% of market value
  • Instant Disbursement
  • The borrower should be an agriculturist (This may be evidenced by land tax receipt). The amount of loan is fixed according to the scale of finance prescribed for agricultural loans.
  • Loans are granted as per the rate (per gram) fixed by C.O (weekly)
  • Gold Loan pledge form with DP and Declaration for Agricultural Gold Loan

Micro Credit – MFI

Dhanlaxmi Bank's micro-credit scheme was introduced in 1998 to aid the efforts of Micro Finance Institutions in empowering women and helping in poverty alleviation.
  • Loans provided through Micro Credit can be utilized for agriculture and allied activities, consumption, production and other activities.
  • Tenure up to three years.
  • Flexible repayment options

Interest Rate: A standard lending rate of BPLR-2.00% for bulk lending

  • The MFI should be registered with the relevant authority as NBFC, NGO, Society, Trust or Section 25 Company and should have been functioning satisfactorily for more than three years.
  • Objective of the MFI should be serving the social and economic needs of the community in general and weaker sections of society in particular.
  • Proper system of maintaining accounts/records with regular audit, external/internal must be in place.
  • Necessary financial management capability for enlarged operations.
  • Adequate trained and motivated field staff for close monitoring.
  • Where such advances exceed Rs. 2 crores, it would be advisable to obtain a rating carried out by an approved external agency
  • Enabling provisions must be available in the relative Bye Laws/Memorandum and Articles of Association, Partnership Deed etc.
  • Loan Application from authorised signatory of MFI
  • Attested True Copy of Registration Certificate of MFI
  • PAN Card copy of MFI
  • Board Resolution
  • Aggregate credit plan of the SHGs/JLGs proposed to be financed and an estimated cash flow statement
  • Shareholding pattern certified by Statutory Auditor
  • 6 Months bank account statements of the main operating account
  • Last 3 years audited financials
  • Last 3 years Income Tax returns
  • Rating report by an external rating agency
  • Certified Copies of MOA & AOA / Trust Deed

Micro Credit - SHGs

Micro Credit involves the provision of thrift, credit and other financial services and products of lower value to the poor in rural, semi urban and urban areas for enabling them to raise their income levels and improve their living standards. It has become a successful instrument for economic empowerment of the underprivileged sections of the society by improving their access to formal credit system through Self Help Groups (SHG).
Loans provided through Micro Credit can be used for consumption or production. After a period of time, groups may be encouraged to undertake income-generating activities.


Models of credit linkage of Self Help Groups (SHG):

  • Dhanlaxmi Bank takes up the task of organizing SHGs and financing them
  • Financing SHGs, which are organized by NGOs etc. directly (Direct Linkage)
  • Financing NGOs/MFIs for on lending to SHGs organized by them ( Indirect Linkage)

Micro finance loans are to be repaid after a mutually agreeable term as defined by the bank and SHG. This will depend on income to a maximum period of five years. In case of projects, the maximum period will depend on the income generated from project.

  • The eligible loan amount to SHGs is computed as a multiple of savings mobilized by them (usually two to four times)
  • Selection of the SHGs is based on the rating model developed by NABARD.
  • Minimum score required for selection of SHG for linkage/lending is 80%
  • Financial viability, technical feasibility and bankability of the project would need to be looked into in respect of Project finance under direct linkage
  • The leadership of the group and facilitator support also examined
  • For financing SHGs, the loan is cleared after all the members provide guarantees.

  • Loan application from authorised representatives of self help groups
  • Resolution in group meeting to avail Bank Finance
  • Recommendation letter from NGO/SHPI if sponsored by them
  • Inter se agreement executed by all members authorizing the representatives to transact on behalf of the group (To be stamped as general power of attorney)
  • DPN of authorised representatives of group
  • Articles of agreement executed by group representatives (to be stamped as an Agreement)
  • If assets are created out of loan proceeds, asset may be hypothecated to the bank
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