Missed Call Services

Missed Call Facility

Give a Missed Call from your registered Mobile number to:

Lock & Unlock Debit Card

+91-88-93553553 to disable/enable your Debit cards

  • All Debit Cards issued to a particular Customer ID will be disabled or enabled upon the missed call from customer’s registered mobile number.
  • If the ATM/POS is enabled, upon the first missed call, the same will be disabled (locked) for all Debit Cards linked to the Customer ID. The customer will receive a SMS confirming the request.
  • If the customer wishes to enable (Unlock) his Debit Card again,he/she needs to make another missed call to the above number. The customer will receive the new status confirmation SMS for the new request.
  • No limits for utilising this service, and two missed calls are provided free of cost every month.
  • Charges: For every additional call made beyond the free limit per month, Rs.1/- will be charged.

What Customers to do

Mobile Number and Email ID

To be linked to your accounts in the bank records.

To be updated whenever there is any changes.

Features of this facility

Only Active Account’s information to be sent.

No Cost (it’s a Missed Call).

No effort (Just dial).

No Alert registration required.

No limits (Provides the balances of all the running CASA accounts).

SMS charges at Re1/- applicable beyond 5 missed call enquiry per day from unique mobile number.

Who can avail this facility?

Dhanlaxmi Bank Domestic and NRI Customers.

Individual and non–individual account holders.

Account Balance as SMS for any failed ATM withdrawals

The only Bank in India currently offering this facility of sending available balance as SMS to the customer's registered mobile number for any failed ATM withdrawals at other Banks ATM on account of insufficient balance.