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Trying to read someone's mind while searching for the perfect gift is easier said than done.

Gifting just got simpler with Dhanlaxmi Bank Gift Card. You can now do away with the chore of selecting, searching or organizing a perfect gift for your loved ones. Just pick a Gift Card with a denomination that you'd like to gift, and give them the freedom to buy what they want. This Gift Card can be used at over 4, 50,000 VISA merchant outlets across the country. It is simple, convenient and most importantly thoughtful.

  • Higher Acceptance - The Dhanlaxmi Bank Gift Card is a VISA signature based card with one of the widest acceptances across merchant outlets. Your Gift Card can be used at over 450,000 VISA enabled merchant outlets across the country. So just go for it!
  • Convenience - It works similar to a Debit Card for making purchases at merchant outlets, hotels, restaurants, shops, ticketing etc.
  • Denomination - An Individual can load the card with any amount between Rs.500 and Rs.10,000, in multiples of Rs.100 and maximum number of cards that can be issued per customer is ten(10) numbers aggregating to Rs. 1 Lac per annum. For Corporates, maximum amount that can be gifted is Rs. 5,000 per card and shall not exceed the total value of Rs. 50,00,000/- (Rupees Fifty Lacs only) per annum with a maximum number of 5000 cards per customer.
  • Balance Enquiry - You can check the balance on the card at any Dhanlaxmi Bank ATM.
  • Redeem unutilised balance - The unutilised balance on the card can be redeemed within six months of the expiry of the card at any Dhanlaxmi Bank branch.


Why not Cash?

Why not Gift Vouchers?

Why Dhanlaxmi Bank Gift Card


Logistically difficult to manage and handle. The disbursal may also be an issue. Not the best way to gift in the modern era.

Inconvenient to handle and manage the inventory for gifting to multiple users.

No reconciliation issues. The Bank can provide MIS of cards issues and the respective amounts loaded. It is completely hassle free.


Difficult to carry large amount of cash.

Limited acceptance at the Merchants who issue & accept these vouchers.

Widest acceptance at the Merchant outlets. Your Gift Card is accepted at over 450,000 Merchants. Higher flexibility in terms of choice.


Cash is an insecure way of gifting, may lead to loss of amount if stolen.

In case of loss, the voucher amount cannot be recovered easily.

Secure – The card can be blocked if lost/stolen. The amount on the Gift Card remains safe.



Sr. No.

Type of Charge



Issuance Charges (at the time of issuing the card)

Rs. 100/-


Redemption Charges

Rs 100/- will be charged for redeeming any unutilised balance amount on the card.


Frequently asked Questions - FAQs
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            What happens when the card is utilized to the fullest and the amount on the card is nil?
            What are the charges applicable on the Gift Card?
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