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Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company (CHOICe), bring to you bouquet of life insurance products catering to your diverse financial needs. Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company has product versatility for different life stages. The product suite ranges from Traditional Savings, Income, Money Back plans to Equity linked wealth Creation plans along with Retirement plans to cater to diverse customer needs.

Money Back Advantage Plan

This is a traditional savings cum protection oriented, non-linked, participating, limited premium payment endowment product. This product provides guaranteed money back payouts during the policy term along with guaranteed lump sum on maturity and bonus(es) which can be utilized by the customer to fulfill various planned milestones.
  • Family protection
  • Limited payment term
  • Three Guaranteed Money Back
  • Rebate on premiums
  • Tax benefits

Jeevan Nivesh Plan

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Jeevan Nivesh Plan is a savings- cum-protection plan that provides life insurance cover and savings in the ease of a single plan.
Make a one time investment for a lifetime of regular returns
  • Lump-sum payout at maturity
  • Lifelong protection
  • Settlement option
  • Customize your savings horizon and key financial goals
  • Premium payment term options
  • Steady build-up of fund for your financial goals
  • Better value for higher premiums
  • Tax benefits

Platinum Plus Plan

Platinum Plus Plan can help you provide the maximum mileage on your investment. It is a unit linked investment cum protection plan which you can customize as per your goals and changing requirements. This plan provides you unmatched flexibility and letting you to have full control over your investment in any market movement.
  • Flexible Payment Term Options
  • Investment Management Options
  • Loyalty Additions & Wealth Boosters
  • Partial Withdrawal Facility
  • Fund Switching & Premium Redirection

Smart Suraksha Plan

(Term Plan)-(Starting from10 pay)           Smart Suraksha Plan is a term insurance plan which provides coverage against untimely death helping you secure your family’s financial future. Additionally, you also have the option to cover against accidental death and total permanent disability caused due to accident. This Plan is ideal for those who would want to protect their family’s future and wish to secure their family’s financial requirements even in their absence.
  • Affordable Life Insurance
  • Cover Options (Accidental Death/Disability)
  • Flexible Policy Term
  • Easy Claims Process
  • Reward For Healthy Lifestyle

Smart Junior Plan

(Participating Money Back Child Plan):     (5 pay/7 pay/10 pay)                                 Smart Junior Plan is a non-linked participating savings cum protection endowment life insurance plan designed to guarantee that your child's future education needs are fulfilled, whether you are around or not. Smart Junior plan provides Guaranteed* payouts during the last 5 years of policy which can be aligned to child's educational milestones. Further, the plan also provides Annual bonuses and Final bonus, if any, on maturity.
  • Comprehensive Protection
  • Limited Premium Payment & Flexible Policy Term Options
  • Guaranteed* Lump Sum Payouts
  • Annual Bonuses## & Final Bonus (If Any) On Maturity
  • Higher Sum Assured Rebate


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